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Haunted Attractions

This is where the Scream Dimension happens. Where people enter willingly to be frightened, startled and amused.

The following pages show the different haunted attractions that Scream Dimension has created and is currently active in. Unfortunately, the Atlas Coal Mine has closed the doors on their Halloween adventure. It was the place where a lot of new techniques were developed in prop building, set design and fear development. Scream Dimension is grateful for this opportunity and is using the skills learned in the current two attractions.

A trip to the beautiful and mystical land of Kaslo,British Columbia has provided a very inspiring landscape for developing a haunted attraction and working closely with the community.

2017 has opened many coffin lids and the community of Kaslo has embraced Scream Dimension and allowed the development of Pirate Day aboard the majestic SS Moyie stern wheeler. A small pirate themed walk through was set up and plans are in place to further develop the scream dimension on this historic steamer. 

Another dimension opened up within the haunted walls of The Langham. A building that was a hotel, a bottling company, boat building shop and a Japanese internment camp and was abandoned and almost torn down. It has come to life again as a museum and gallery and now has opened the scream dimension during Halloween. This building, which is actually haunted, is full of potential and Scream Dimension is more than happy to fill the rooms with screams in the future.

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