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2022 new beginnings

2022 continues in its strange ways with huge dumps of snow, and weirdness caused by the pandemic. Most of my time was spent shovelling snow and more snow until mid January when we finally got a break and I was able to get going with some new modelling. This year will be the beginning of doing things differently.


Modelling a new head that will serve possibly three purposes. One will be a mask. The second will be a head that will be used on my body form and as a static prop head. The third may be a quarter head mask if the design will allow it.

Sarahn the warlock


It was nice to get back to modelling with clay.  I can get much more details in the final casting then with the acrylic mache.

These photos show the final mask cast in urethane foam. Light weight and comfortable with the wicking layer inside the mask moving moisture away.


spoiled rotten


Forest Dweller

On the smaller side, these two new handsome fellows were created. Spoiled Rotten is a corpse head and the Forest Dweller is a goblin like creature also made from foam. A second material will be cast that is a little heavier, but will be able to take the heat inside a car. These heads will be used as rear mirror hangers.


kaslo saturday market

First outdoor market in Kaslo. Things went very well, so next year the plan is to build up some interlocking wall panels with shelves and one or two interactive displays.

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