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The Dimension of Creature Creation

There is a lot of experimentation in the "rot shop". Usually a prop starts out as a clay concept then a mold is made and a foam cast is pulled. Now the fun begins as textures and details are added. The early method was using paper mache which was good in dry places. Now a new method is used which looks great providing very high detail and is weather proof.

Masks are created as a composite of two or three layers depending on the type. They start off as a clay model, a silicone mold is made and then a plaster mother mold. Urethane foam is poured into the mold, then an anti-sweat liner is pushed in similar to how a prosthetic is made. Once the foam cures, the mask is pulled out, trimmed, primed and is ready for paint. 2024 saw the introduction of the air brush which will give the paint a new dimension. That's something to scream about!

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