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The Story Behind

Scream Dimension

The passion of Halloween was always in me.I loved Halloween and fall more than Christmas. It all began when I was around 13 years and I transitioned from trick or treating to home haunting. The pictures show the early days of haunt prep and prop building. 

Unfortunately, a move to rural Ontario put an end to this. It wasn't until several years later and another move to Alberta that Halloween rose from the grave as a small haunt. Prop building was growing and getting bigger and creepier every Halloween.The haunt was named Atmosfear Graveyard for a while until it got moved to the Atlas Coal Mine. There in an old historic wash house the Atmosfear Graveyard grew and stepped into a new dimension of haunting now known as Scream Dimension Haunted Attraction Designs.

Scream Dimension is also a member of the Canadian Haunters Association.

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