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2021 the year of change

The year 2020 was a strange one for sure. Although it shut down my haunt, it gave me time to pack things up and make the move to the West Kootenays of British Columbia.
With very little shelving and storage space, it's quite a struggle to get things organized. Too many boxes and no place to put all the stuff.


2021 will be a new beginning. New province, new home, new job and new workshops that still have to be built. The good part is that I'm now walking distance to my new job on the SS Moyie and to the Langham where my haunted house is.

The outdoor part of the shop, which is a 12x24 foot tent, is taking shape and soon I'll have a large dry area to work in doing the rougher and dusty work.

Although my haunt had to be shut down last year due to the pandemic, I still had some Halloween fun with the local Youth Center. We set up a window display with my props. The village had a contest for best shop and business display. I'm happy to say that the boys stole the show and the Youth Center won first prize.

So now with 2021 well underway, there is much to do and soon new products will begin to appear on my site and on Etsy.


The new corpse body form is poseable and holds position well. This one is being used to build a replacement mannequin for the SS Moyie.  The Purser aboard the ship in 1912 will come alive once again. The original was in bad shape and could only sit.

This build takes me in a new non horror direction that exposes me to developing living body features.


Below is a clip from the Kootenay Lake Historical Society news letter.

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